Mom Flu

The most unforgiving and mentally taxing flu that has ever been is definitely the Mom Flu. What is the Mom Flu, you ask? Well, it’s basically a mom with the flu. Nothing especially clever about it.

I am on day 6 of this and I’m over it!! Not really, I still have it. Days 1-4 were  mostly about napping and hydrating and shivering and sweating. Thankfully those aren’t as intense as they started out. One thing that has been exceptionally frustrating is what I have missed out on. I didn’t go out to dinner for my mom’s birthday. I didn’t get to go to my good friend’s graduation party for her daughter. I am currently missing church. Tomorrow we have a reunion of sorts with dear friends we hardly ever see, and I might not get to do that either. I’m totally complaining right now, but I DON’T CARE!

Also, the neat freak in me is just dying. I am not talking about scrubbing and having a sparkling clean home. I just don’t want to keep ignoring that random french fry I see in the corner of the living room. And forget about worrying about what my kids are eating right now. I’m pretty sure Trace has had fruit snacks for breakfast everyday this week.

Here’s the worst thing about all of it: I miss hugging and kissing my boys. They haven’t been perfect angels, but really they have been quite considerate and it makes me so proud of them and want to squeeze them even more. This is most definitely going to pass. I will get better and soon enough I will not sweat thru my shirts for no reason at all. 

The question I want to ask myself is will I remember that right now I actually WANT to clean my house. I WANT to cook a healthy meal for my family. I WANT to venture out of the house on my own with my kids. Or will I fall back into my bad habits? 

So, if you’re a mom who gets the flu, remember that your house can handle a mess for a week or so. You’re kids can handle terrible diets and being under house arrest for a week or so. It won’t last forever. Maybe it’s not so bad after all.

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